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  • When using the contextmenu en selecting Create document here.
    the docemt made that way is alway placed unther root (0) instead of the document or folder that i stand on when I click, only when fi first click left on the file/folder it does work. mabe its just that it does not set active when only klikking right or when clicking left on icon (also gives me a context menu).

    just saw that even it syas when editing a new document that the parent is the selected folder the file still ends up in the root

    ok I see where it goes wrong when selecting another template the parent gets also reset to (0) there it goes wrong.
    is it posible to fix that?

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    • Hm. I've had an "issue" with that update of the frame when changing the template; it took me several attempts and a lot of snarling before I realized that it wasn't actually saving anything, I still had to save the document! The only workaround at this point is to change the template first, then set up the document, or save the document, then change the template. EVERYTHING gets reset when changing the template on a new document.
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      • This bug is something that will be address soon
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