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  • Hmm subjectline is not long enough. It should read:
    Imagebrowser for Image TV's does not work with nonstandard port used on webserver.

    I am running my MODx testserver at home on port 82. When I have an image TV in my document and use the Insert button then I see no thumbnails in the imagebrowser. Also if I select an image it will return the wrong URL. In both cases the URL's have no port in the URL, so that is why it does not show thumbs

    It gives:

    and it should give:

    BTW: It would be nice if the images would not have the servername in it's path, this makes it really hard to move the site to a productionserver. I would have to change all image TV's. (I have the relative images option set to Yes but that does not seem to be taken into account here)
    • Raymond, sounds like a bit of work needed on the Image TV type. Ideas?
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