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    MARKSVIRTUALDESK Reply #1, 17 years ago
    How to get help
    If you want to know how to do something:

    • Make sure you are using the latest stable version from URL REMOVED Latest Ditto is bundled with MODx Evo builds already.
    • Search the Documentation (http://ditto.modxcms.com/), the Jira site (http://svn.modxcms.com/jira/browse/DITTO), the MODx user wiki (http://wiki.modxcms.com), and the Ditto forums (http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php?board=180.0).
    • If you still can’t find an answer please create a new topic in the Ditto forums with the following information:
      [li]A clear and concise topic title that other users in a similar situation could quickly find
    • A detailed explanation of what you would like to know how to do:
      [li]Bad: "How do I put 3 articles on my homepage? What do I need to do?" --- Where are your articles located? What does your folder structure look like? Where is your homepage in relation to the articles location? Why didn’t you search! You didn’t even attempt anything!
    • Good: "How do I show all the documents created in the last 6 months on one page. This ideally would be dynamic so I wouldn’t need to change something every month. I researched filters and found the dateFilter extender. However, it seems it can only filter within a specific month, not a range of months. How would you recommend altering that filter so that it could do this?" --- Well described! Shows effort in the fact that you conducted research and found something similar to what you need help in. Asks a single specific question!
    [li]What MODx and Ditto versions you are running[/li]
    [li]The debug output of the Ditto call:

    • Append &debug=`1` to the call
    • Click "Save Debug Console"
    • Rename the extension to .html
    • Attach to the post
    [li]A link showing something similar to or an illustration of what you hope to achieve.[/li]

    If you think you’ve found a bug:

    • Install the development version from URL REMOVED Latest Ditto is bundled with MODx Evo builds already.
    • If the bug is still there and it is not already in TRAC (http://svn.modxcms.com/jira/browse/DITTO) post a new thread in the Ditto forum about it so that others can confirm it (especially me)
    • If it is confirmed, file a bug report (using your email address so you can be updated) at http://svn.modxcms.com/jira/browse/DITTO
    • When the ticket is closed or a comment posted in the tread indicating its been fixed, try out the development version again to confirm and post your findings.

    What not to do:

    • Forget to use a friend of mine known as Google
    • Ask "Can’t you just do it for me" (unless you are offering payment)
    • Ask vague questions that don’t have a specific answer
    • Say I need this by x date (unless you are offering payment)
    • Be rude, insulting, inconsiderate, or demanding
    • Create multiple threads (especially in multiple forums) for the same issue
    • Bump topics (unless no-one has responded after 48 hours)
    • Show no effort of trying to figure things out on your own (except bug reports)

    If your post falls under the "What not to do" category or does not make sense I’ll respond with a link to this post.
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      If the problem described in your thread has been resolved, please prepend [SOLVED] to the topic of the first post. Thanks.
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        There are some broken links in the first post.

        Eg: http://www.modxcms.com/ditto_stable_download.html gives a 404
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          All the links are broken on the first post!
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            yep please can the links be fixed. Thanks.
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              Links updated in the first post.
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