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  • Hi,

    I have set up a side-display box using a TV. If I set the Input Type to Textarea it works fine.

    When I set it to HTMLarea:
    * the first save worked
    * after that I can edit, but the edits are not saved.

    The Display type is set to Generic Tag.

    The main content HTMLarea content is saving fine.

    Any ideas on how to fix?


    • FCKEditor is coming smiley
        patagonia, argentina
      • I'd the same problem and the solution was to re-install RC2. Is HTML Area going to be replaced with its successor Xinho as well?
        • Any links to Xinho? I don't know why it can't be done...
            Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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            • hehe, even works in firefos on OSX :!:
                Tangent-Warrior smiley
              • As a total nitwit it looks as if Xinha is a better HTML Area, but will anyone try to develop a mod that will help us replace HTML Area with Xinha? I'm quite good at following steps, but awful indeveloping them.
                • I've had a quick look at Zinha.

                  If (and I don't know this) it resolves this 2 x content areas bug - then it would be great to use as it covers 2 items I've recently placed on the wishlist:
                  * In HTMLarea have an modded Link button - with a dropdown list of existing pages, for internal links. (see CMSimple.dk for good integration)
                  * Add a Jscript New window - with a dialog to allow users to configure height width etc of the new document. This can be done so as to allow SEF links (see http://www.apptools.com/rants/popups.php) 

                  I think it also resolves the other issues re PDFs, as you would be able to browse to the PDFs using the Linker plugin.
                  * In HTMLarea have a Downloads button to to link to any documents in the PDF/downloads folder. At the moments it is hard for users to work out the URL of PDFs they have uploaded (see CMSimple.dk for good integration)


                  • HTMLarea seems to have stopped development quite a while ago. I think Xinha might be a good replacement as would FCKeditor. What's the general consensus and preference here? Is anyone even using TinyMCE?
                      Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
                      Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at thrash.me
                    • Could we also implement SPAW?

                      FCKeditor has a lot of nasty styling bugs

                      I tryed using it and even set styles from my css it seems to work but than it is not working the right way

                      when selecting a pice of text to set a style for (like a heading) than that works but when youtype some more text that text is also set as style headers that also not a problem but that when I select all but the tezt that needs a header and deselect the header it does not work.

                      even when i try to remove all the styling bij selecting the same piece of text and deselect the style it does not remove all the styling.
                      Spaw works better with this and spaw now also works with firefox.

                      Greets Dimmy
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