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  • Hi,

    I'm running 0.8.5-PL on Revo 2.3.3.

    I've noticed the following problems.

    A new simplx widgeteer category (possibly/hopefully with substructures)
    I can find only simplx.widgeteer, no substructures.
    Under Templates you will find one new template called Widgeteer examples which contains further info and samples.
    Under Chunks you find sample Chunks, all called widgeteer_*_* something. These are the templates and datasets.
    Under Snippets you find, of course, the simplx_widgeteer itself; you also find two preprocessor Snippets
    I can find only simplx_widgeteer, no other snippets in this category.
    In your assets/ folder you will have a new snippets folder in which you will find the xml2json folder/files. This makes it possible to get xml from a Web Service and easily convert it to json.
    I can't find a simplx_widgeteer folder in assets/components but I can find xml2json.php in core/components/simplx/common/

    I ran simplx_widgeteer against a xml feed.


    No results were returned. I set debugmode to 1 and found this inside the manager log:

    [2015-04-24 16:06:09] (DEBUG @ /index.php) Widgeteer: loadDataSource(), Fetching from URL "http://modxclub.com/rss-feed".
    [2015-04-24 16:06:10] (DEBUG @ /index.php) Widgeteer: loadDataSource(), Got the following output "{omitted}".
    [2015-04-24 16:06:13] (DEBUG @ /index.php) Widgeteer: preprocess(), Done processing. Dataset now contains "".
    [2015-04-24 16:06:13] (ERROR @ /index.php) Widgeteer: loadDataSet(): Exception, Unable to decode the dataset.
    [2015-04-24 16:06:13] (ERROR @ /index.php) Widgeteer: loadDataSource(): Exception, loadDataSet() returned "false". Aborting.
    [2015-04-24 16:06:13] (DEBUG @ /index.php) Widgeteer: parse() Got no initial argument.
    [2015-04-24 16:06:13] (ERROR @ /index.php) Widgeteer: parse(): Exception, Missing valid dataset. Aborting.

    I have the idea, that preprocess() goes somehow mad here and simply returns "".

    Is it possible, that some files are missing in the current package?



      Homepage: pepebe.de | MODX snippets (and other stuff) at github: https://gist.github.com/pepebe
    • Hi, i would like to use output-filter and phpthumbof in the chunck. Any Chance to make it work?

      Here is what does NOT work


      [[+endDate:strtotime:date=`%a %b %e, %Y`]]