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  • Had the same problem too,couldn’t figure what’s wrong.

    That seems to solve it now smiley
    • Hi all,

      I’ve been having a problem with the starRating system duplicating my wayfinder. Is there anyway I can add the &fullLink=’true’ command that my wayfinder is using to the starsystem?
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      • Hello,

        I’m trying to make a vote feature for a website similar to this (check the little heart with a counter below the posts, you click and it increments) :


        Is it possible with this snippet? Another one for Revolution?

        • Is there an option to show a "top rated" list... or would I have to custom code that output in a snippet?
            Jeremy Foster
          • Hi guys
            I would like to show a list with the top rated.

            Is this possible?

            • Quote from: jeremy at Jan 08, 2011, 02:48 AM

              Is there an option to show a "top rated" list... or would I have to custom code that output in a snippet?

              Hi Jeremy
              Did you find a solution to this?

              • Where did you guys find the documentation for this?? I can’t find anything about it

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                • Now would this be possible to display what each user voted? Let me explain myself.

                  Let say we have a resource with id 10 and we have 3 user who each voted 1. Would be possible to display the avg. for the resource and each single vote per user attached to a Quip comment?
                  • Splittingred,

                    Any chance of an update for star rating? I'm sure your busy but its been in Beta for years. It would be great to display the top rated resources or perhaps combine with getResources to display by highest rated?

                    There is also a huge bug in that googlebot clicks all the links, I have looked at the code to try and add
                    but am unsure how the link is generated. In its current state this snippet is useless as all links end up with 3 stars no matter how they are rated.

                    Any help much appreciated, would really like to use this on my site
                    • is there anything else out there that would work?

                      I'm looking for way to have uses to rate products and leave a review.