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  • So it was my base path- I replaced all instances of:




    The gtext seems to sort of not be messing up now, although it has yet to actually quite work... but I have renewed confidence.
    • Actually- this is not a fix- it causes the snippet to not work at all- anything I put in the path is fine, as long as it isn’t
      • do i see correctly, is the ending backtick missing after the font name or does this mobile browser draw it so near the f letter. Hmm, now that i see that char in this textarea, im guessing later. Anyways, try to setup the path to the fonts folder using $modx->config[’base_path’].’assets/fonts/’; and try base_url too. You could try that hardcoded like you did above. I can take a peek at the code if that dont work.

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        • solved. thanks. I had an incorrect path to the fonts folder.

          I knew a good night’s sleep would do it.