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  • This is an auto-generated support/comment thread for RandomQuoteLink.

    Use this forum to post any comments about this addition or any questions you have regarding its use.

    Brief Description:
    This Snippet wil grab the content of the introtext field (summary) and display’s it as one big link to that document.
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    • Hi Dimmy/all,

      I was wondering it it was possible to easily do a of hack RandomQuoteLink snippet for displaying random news from Ditto for example ?
      I had look around and seems that no snippets exist for randomly provide news.

      What I want to do is to do at every page refresh an article promotion (including then Title, link, summary, date, etc.). I saw that some other snippets may be a good start for hack ("RandomTeaser", "RandomTV", "RandomAd"). But I had the feeling that RandomQuoteLink is the best route ?

      Any suggestion would be appreciated before I spend to much time in a wrong way ... I’m indeed not very good at MODx and when it come to TV, placeholder, core API usage, I’m getting easily lost ... (So I will probably take time to understand how to do what I want to do).