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  • I’m experiencing issues with the Menu Tree scrollbar when I have a lot of content in the tree. This issue was previously mentioned by Soshite (http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,15170.msg99904.html#msg99904), where only the left half of the scrollbar can be clicked & dragged up or down. I can use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up and down, but my client hates using their scrollwheel and doesn’t view this as a solution. Any idea why only the left half of the frameset scrollbar works?

    So far, I’ve confirmed the bug in OS X 10.5.4 using both FF 3.0 and Safari 3.1.2.

    • This is a margin issue in the manager css file. Did you file a bug report? You can fix this if you change the #treeholder inline style to width of 220px and the manager css file entry for the padding of the #treeholder to 5px 20px 0;


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      • Thanks, Jay. I had not filed a bug report, actually. It appears that this is a known issue, though?

        I tried your solution but found that once #treeHolder is resized, the fix is reset. Instead, I set the width of #treeSplitter (in the manager css file) from 10px to 1px and it fixed the problem.