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    Installed: MODX version 0.9.6
    Version codename: rev 2767
    Database: MySQL
    Environment: Linux/Apache

    I have just installed MODX in a clean environment.
    When we create children documents of the site start document,
    they are created but not shown in the document tree on the left hand
    side of the screen.
    When I click on "View Children", I see all the documents.
    They are in the database (also checked via MySQL/phpmyadmin)

    When a new child is created, the Site STart document shortly flashes
    and it looks like I see a ’+’ sign in front, but then is goed back to only
    mentioning the Site Start document.

    New documents are created by right-clicking on Site Start and click
    on "New Document Here".

    This might be a bug, or something wrong in our config.

    I checked all the site configs with one of the many other sites
    we created with MODX, but no difference there.

    Hope somebody can help us there.


    Bert Catsburg

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      Additional info:

      When I do a "View Children" and do an Edit of one of the Child docs and then click on
      "Delete" (for that Child page), MODX does not delete the document
      • Can you upgrade to the recently released 0961 version? It sounds like something is definitely not right, and I don’t recall a similar problem in the past.

        The tree menu in 096 does not remember state between reloads, so I can understand that it collapses and you might be seeing a brief flash (this is not good behavior by the way and is being addressed in the 097 branch). As far as not deleting documents, are you seeing a red line drawn through the "deleted" documents? If so that’s the expected behavior and you must hit the purge/trash icon above the tree menu to get rid of deleted docs from the document tree.
          Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
          Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at thrash.me
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          Hello Ryan,

          The problem is solved by upgrading to

          Thanks for your advice.

          I have to say, as a company coming from Joomla websites, we are very very happy we switched to MODX.
          It’s very simple to work with and easy to adjust to our own needs.
          We, as a Online Marketing company, are specifically interested in the SEO possibilities, and they
          and outstanding.


          Bert Catsburg