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  • I’ve been fighting this one for quite sometime. At first I thought I was missing something until I tried my methods on a 9.5 installation.

    When creating XML or CSS documents in MODX 9.6 the resulting files refuse to be parsed by the server. It makes no difference whether the alias is used or the actual ID. It’s as if the documents are ’blank’.

    Document settings:
    -- no container
    -- template (blank) - also tried using templates...
    -- no cache - also tried cache enabled
    -- type set to text/XML or text/CSS

    When the exact same settings and options are tried on MODX 9.5... Everything works great! CSS is processed and XML files parse!

    I’ve been able to repeat this on multiple installations of both.

    Ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m working on a project for someone now with 9.6 already integrated... I’m not looking forward to downgrading.

    Linux server
    MySQL client version: 4.0.16
    Apache webserver
    PHP 4
    • See http://modxcms.com/bugs/task/877 -- you may be experiencing this issue; otherwise, I’m at a loss, as I use all kinds of file types with 0.9.6 with no problem.
      • OpenGeek!!!

        This has resolved it! Nice find... I would never have figured this one out. I should have asked sooner!

        Thanks again!
        • I responded too soon... Apparently this wasn’t the issue after all. Though the code has not seemed to affect the rest of the site so I will leave it in.


          This is the xml document I’ve created in ModX 9,6:
          -- alias: news.xml
          -- container: no
          -- type: text/XML

          I’m baffled..
          • Very odd; there are no headers set at all on that page. I noticed you had type: text/XML -- is it really uppercase XML? I think it should be text/xml (all lowercase), but I don’t think that is the real problem. Are you sure your document is returning any XML? I get an error because there are no XML elements returned, which indicates to me the snippet is not returning any content.
            • That’s just it!!! (yes on the lower case xml by the way) The xml file has good code. I can place this same code in a "actual" file in the root directory and it parses fine!

              Again, this also happens with css as well. If I pound the refresh button rapidly sometimes I get something to show in the browser(s) but it’s extremely rare.

              • I’m still confused...what xml file? Isn’t the XML content being produced by the snippet or is it static in the document content field?
                • The xml is static in the content field of the MODx produced document.

                  UPDATE: I just tried installing all patches from the SVN and no luck with that either.

                  I may need to downgrade to 9.5 if I can’t get this worked out. I’m trying to make a dynamically built xml file using DITTO. I’ve confirmed the my code is right by debugging in html. So, it’s just a matter of finding what’s causing this.

                  Thanks for your inquiry and help!
                  • If Ditto is supposed to produce the output, you likely need to inquire in the Ditto forum...
                    • Incorporating DITTO is the end goal, but at this point I can’t even get the simple "static" xml to work...

                      I will post the 9.5 version of the link so you can see this works. I’m in the process of installing 9.5 now.