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    Hi there,

    MODx 0.9.6 has been released in May 2007 and nobody seems to have noticed that there was a problem with documents aliases.

    In "manager/processors/save_content.processor.php", in the function "stripAlias()" on line 859 :
    $alias = strtr($alias, $replace_array);

    The problem is that the array "$replace_array" is only declared if the configuration charset is set as UTF-8 :
    if (strtoupper($modx->config['modx_charset']) == 'UTF-8'){

    So, an error occured while saving the alias because the function "strtr()" don’t find any array as second parameter.

    To make the thing work even if the configuration charset is not UTF-8, this should be placed within the "if" statement :
    $alias = strtr($alias, $replace_array);

    I hope this would be helpful (and quickly corrected).

    Thank you,

    • Already fixed in the SVN ... but thanks for pointing that out! smiley
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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        Yeah and you can find a quick and dirty fix for Latin1 here if you can’t wait : here

        (It’s in french tongue)
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          Thanks - that helped.

          Need to develop new project without waiting for version update
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