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    My hosting provider has changed server, with new apache, php, MySQL, etc. and of course new configs.

    My MODx site was rendered, but at the end of each page, out of the template, there was this MODx error:

    PHP error debug
      Error: 	Unknown: open(/home/myusername/php_sessions/sess_f7068dbb40966dd003368e2d4bc296c6, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)	 
      Error type/ Nr.: 	Warning - 2	 
      File: 	Unknown	 
      Line: 	0

    Of course there is no "php_sessions" (or whatever it was) into the /home/myusername/ directory.

    The error was not showed on the old server, with the old configuration.

    So the problem has been solved when my hosting provider has tried turning off "safe_mode", and now it stays turned off.

    Do I have to let safe_mode stay turned off? Are there any other ways for fixing that behaviour I and my hosting provider should try?