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    Quote from: PMS at Aug 02, 2008, 02:12 PM

    Ah ha... I may have found it. In my first post I said:

    This contains the correct database details, including

    $database_connection_charset = ’utf8’;

    so, that’s okay.

    ... is that really okay? Firstly, should it be ’utf-8’? I think not in this case, but I should investigate. Secondly, I checked the config files for my fresh install sites, and they have

    $database_connection_charset = ’’;

    and they seem to be working fine. So, I am about to redo the upgrade, having changed my config file to use ’’ instead of ’utf8’ and see what happens. I’ll report back...


    I can confirm that this works. At least it worked for me. Thanks a lot! grin