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    I have a tv called venueLink, which is set as the "URL" input type.
    When I call up the template that uses this I select "http://" from the dropdown and then fill in the text field with "www.urlgoeshere.com". After I save it, if I go back to re-edit the entry, and resave it, the "venueLink" tv now displays a blank in the dropdown and the text field looks like "&vwww.urlgoeshere.com"

    I have the entries that use this set to not cache, which doesn’t seem to be the problem (I’ve tried it both ways).
    Any ideas?
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      There’s a bug in the current ( release that causes this. It’s been fixed in CVS for upcoming releases afaik. It’s also very easy to fix it in your current code (it’s just one line in one file that needs correcting):
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        cool thanks, seems simple enough. I cracked out a workaround (straight text and coding the http://[+venueLink+]in the chunk)...but the less parts the better...