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    I found a problem on permission for chunk management.

    When "Chunk Management" permissions are set to as follows on a role:
    - Create new chunks [Yes]
    - Edit chunks [Yes]
    - Save chunks [Yes]
    - Delete chunks [No]

    The manager users who are assigned this role can create, edit and save chunks.
    But they cannot duplicate any chunks and receive following message:
    "You don’t have enough privileges for this action!"

    I think "Duplicate" operation should be allowed by create/edit/save permission.

    (Should I create new a bug report on the bug trackking system ?)

    OS: CentOS5
    PHP: 5.1.6
    MySQL: 5.0.22

    Thank you,
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      Same problem exists for me. I have even "Yes" for deleting chunks. I have everything set "Yes" under chunks but can’t duplicate and also can’t delete. Get same old error "don’t have enough privileges"