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    I have a fresh installation of modxcms on my linux box, and I’m getting the followin javascript error with firefox

    document.getElementById is not a function
    mootools.js (line 3)

    Anyone know why ?

    • Without knowing what else is running in your site, it’s very difficult to say.
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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        As said by Ryan, without more informations, we can’t help you.
        Nevertheless, to find where come from the trouble, you can debug your script with the firedebug firefox extension with a documented version of mootools (easier to understand the code wink ) and then go to the mootools error track and find if an issue has been already posted on this subject.

        You can also, download the last version of mootools 1.11 and test your code too see if you are a lucky man grin