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    Guys this is great CMS! laugh, I have installed modx0961 on the server and enabled the captcha code verification on the first option settings of manager, it tooked me off and asked me to login again but is not working, i am entering correct user name/pass but no luck to get passed to the manager.
    Anybody knows the way of getting this right or i have to install the modx again? :p

    Thank you in advance.

    Apache version 2.0.61
    PHP version 5.2.5 (gd library enabled)
    MySQL version 5.0.27-standard
    Operating system Linux
    • Is the captcha image displaying properly in the login form?

      And if all else fails, you can go to the database with your phpMyAdmin or whatever database management client you use, and in the system_settings table set the use_captcha field to 0.
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        Quote from: sottwell at Dec 05, 2007, 02:46 PM

        Is the captcha image displaying properly in the login form?
        yes, it was.

        Thanks smiley
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          Hi - thanks for the advice about use_captcha... I have a similar problem. However, in my case, the image is not, in fact, displaying properly. Any suggestions?