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    I have on a non-MODX site the following code:

    if (!isset($_SESSION["xx"])) {
    $_SESSION["xx"] = 1;

    $a = $_SESSION["xx"];
    $a = $a + 1;

    $_SESSION["xx"] = $a;
    print "<h3>a = " . $a . "</h3>";

    This is standard a counter in a session variable. Very basic and
    When refreshing the page, I get a number-count.

    Then I paste this piece of code in a snippet. [[phpsession]]
    The snippet is called from a document.

    What happens then is very very strange:
    1) The counter is not updated on refreshing the page
    2) The counter is updated after I edited/saved snippet.
    3) Another user (another PC, same outgoing IP address) gets the same
    number as I have

    When I add a php command var_dump($_SESSION) in the snippet,
    then I see all MODX session params. They look ok. I also see my
    added variable.

    This must be a very strange bug or something very stupid of me.
    Since I cannot be the first one using session I am very afraid it’s
    the latter. But what did I do wrong?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    Bert Catsburg

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      is the page cached?
      If so, did you call the snippet uncached as [!phpsession!]

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        Ah, my first encounter with the MODX caching mechanism.
        Very very sorry guys that I did not see this directly.

        Yes, calling the snippet with the "[! !]" instead of "[[ ]]" solved
        the problem.

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