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    Anyone else getting the error where the login button is half in and half out of the login box?

    The solution is to add the following to the file login.html within the css rules for .sectionBody (line 82)


    Add these lines at the end of that rule and the bug should be fixed. This bug was also present in th previous version but the presence of the "Forgot your password?" link made up for it. Speaking of which, where has the forgot your password link gone?

    • Thanks jdelight ... please post a bug in our bugtracker, preferably with a fix and we’ll get it into the next patch release. smiley
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        I had a similar issue after upgrading from 0.9.6 to
        Turned out the ’Forgot your password?’ line was missing from the manager login, leaving the Login button out of the box.

        For the upgrade I let all resources be upgraded but it turned out the new version of the ’Forgot Manager Login’ plugin was not configured correctly.
        The Manager Access Events were not checked (OnBeforeManagerLogin, OnManagerAuthentication, OnManagerLoginFormRender). Correcting that allowed the ’Forgot your password?’ line to display and fixed the layout.

        This was only an issue for an upgrade. Clean install worked fine.

        Update: Just upgraded another site and had no issue with the ’Forgot Manager Login’ plugin. This site was originally 0.9.2->0.9.5->0.9.6-> . Cant explain why this upgrade was ok.