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    got a very strange issue. An old client of mine (MODx v was moving to a different ISP and asked to move their site for them. Of course, thinking that it would be a piece of cake i agreed.

    After moving all of the files, importing the database, and making all of the path adjustments the site is working except for Resources - Manage Files. Even though the File Manager path has been set to the new one the Manage Files screen shows this:

    Directory listing for:/
    To top level
    Up one level
    Invalid path '/home/inhouse.co.th/htdocs/'
    Filename 	Modified 	File size 	Options
    This directory is empty.
    Directories: 0
    Files: 0
    Data: 0 B
    Directory writable? No.

    which is very strange because the invalid path is from the old server. i tried changing the path through the configuration interface and directly in the database, but nothing works. it keeps showing the old path. Clearing cache on the serve and the browser didn’t change anything either.

    Does anybody where this old path value coming from and how i can change it.

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      Have you checked Security => Manager Users => Your Username => User => File Manager Path ?
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        that was it.
        i wasn’t even aware that this setting existed. never use it.

        thanks a lot for the pointer.