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    I just installed sucessfully MODx on some new host, but when trying to log in the manager, I’m redirected to the hosting provider homepage.

    I read that with older versions of MODx this can be due to a conflict between MODx and Tomcat.
    (see http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php?topic=9296.0)

    What about the 0.9.6 release?
    Is there some solution ?

    • 0962 is an outdated release with security problems. I would suggest installing 0963, or the Evolution RC which will be out by the end of the week. There will always be a conflict with the Manager and Tomcat, unfortunately. You should be able to ask your web host to change the default Apache Tomcat Manager path however to get around this. I’ve Googled for a solution but didn’t find any tips, and a Java server admin I am not.
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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        After some check, I cannot find any trace of Tomcat in the hosting.
        I also realize that I can access the mannager/index.php file.

        If not, I wouldn’t see MODx’s login mask.

        I assume the problem is somewhere else. Maybe files are lacking.

        I’ll try to transfer the files again.

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          I retransfered all files and it was still not working.

          In the public_html folder which is the root of my site, I uncommented one line of the ht.access file:
          Options +FollowSymlinks

          Then, I was still redirected to some "404 Not found" page after the login in the manager.
          I had the idea to quickly press the browser "Back" button and I was in MODx manager.

          All was not totally working perfectly but I could read that the database connexion could not be set and that I have to run the "install" again.

          I’ll try tomorrow but I think that the problem is solved.
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            Still a problem...

            I observed that I’m redirected to the host homepage as the database connection could not be established.
            However, all the database connexion settings are OK.

            Here what happens :
            1) login to the manager ---> backend cannot connect database ---> redirected to host homepage
            2) clicking back button in browser ---> come back to MODx backend ---> reload necessary frames

            So, after the login, I can access the manager if clicking the browser "Back" button.
            But one or several of the 3 frames making the backend display a "Could not connect database" error.
            If I try to reload the whole backend interface, I have the same problem, but if I reload the frames one after each other, I can get the full backend of MODx.

            So, I assume some timing problem. In fact, the pages display quickly but maybe the allowed database connection delays are two short.

            I also observed problem with the "Content" area of a document. I can save a small content but not a webpage. MODx that the saving succeeded but I can observe that nothing was saved.
            It’s again like a timing problem.

            Should I ask the hosting company ?

            Thanks for any advice.