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    I’m using MODx for a few months and I’m facing a strange problem with one site.

    The homepage is generated with some template named "Accueil".
    I changed the code of this template, and now, after I refreshed the page, its source code is a mix of the current template code and some older code. It contains calls to stylesheets and scripts that my template don’t call anymore.

    I cannot explain myself this strange behaviour. In MODx manager, I checked that the "put in cache by default" is off. I also checked that "delete from cache" is checked and set "put in cache" to unckeck.

    I cleared the browser cache, tried with several broswers, and used the "remove locks" functionality of MODx.
    But the problem remains. >:(
    The code in the template seems OK and was saved many times.

    The document that uses the template is currently empty.
    It’s a real mystery to me...

    Did I missed something ?
    Yes, of course, I missed that Wayfinder configs can inject a link to a stylesheet by using the &cssTpl parameter !
    And this solves the mystery why code was injected in my page header.
    It was not outdated code but code coming from Wayfinder’s configuration file. grin