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    In the {modx_}system_settings table you will find a record with the setting_name of ’validate_referer’; change the setting_value to 0. However, now you need to reload/edit the cache; you can upload the install/ and run an upgrade OR edit the same value in your assets/cache/siteCache.idx.php file so that you can get into the manager and clear the cache. The value in siteCache.idx.php will look something like this:

    $c[’validate_referer’] = "1";

    which you will want to change simply to:

    $c[’validate_referer’] = "0";

    Thanks a lot! Though I couldn´t find any DB entry with the setting_name of ’validate_referer’ in the system_settings table, your second hint worked fine:
    changing $c[’validate_referer’] to 0 provided the possibility of a temporary GUI in the backend again, so I could clear the cache and change the setting inside the manager