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    i have an older Version of modx installed and wanted to login into the manager. But now there is always the same error in an alert box:

    <br />
    <b>Fatal error</b>:  Out of memory (allocated 27262976) (tried to allocate 7659547 bytes) in <b>/homepages/44/d200752930/htdocs/manager/includes/document.parser.class.inc.php</b> on line <b>1287</b><br />

    Anyone has an idea, how i can fix this? Thanks!!
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      Line 1287 refers to writing to the system event log.
      Maybe it’s so huge it’s running into problems inserting the event into the modx_event_log table in the Database.
      If you have PHPMyAdmin access I’d have a look that table.
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        Thanks for your reply!

        I have already truncated the "modx_event_log" table (also the "modx_manager_log").
        But nothing happens. Still the same issue...
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          At this point, I would try to raise the php memory_limit. Your host tech support may do it for you, or you can try putting that in a custom php.ini.

          This type of thing:
          memory_limit = 64M
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