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    Hello MODX’ers,

    I have a strange problem in a MODX site.
    The site is created on domain "aaa.com" and works fine.
    The customers asked me to copy the complete site to
    "bbb.com" and he would change the content himself.

    This is what I did to copy the site:
    - Copy over all file from aaa.com to bbb.com
    - Change /manager/includes/config.inc.php to reflect the
    new database login codes.
    - Export the database of aaa.com
    - Change in the database script the two references in
    system-settings: rb_base_dir and filemanager_path
    from aaa.com document_root to bbb.com document_root.
    - Import the changed database script into the database
    of bbb.com.

    Of course I also changed things like names of the template
    to reflect bbb.com, but this has nothing to do with the problem.

    The problem is that certain functions are missing from the
    manager interface:
    - tool->configuration
    The complete tab "File Manager" is missing !!
    - tool->configuration
    At the bottom of tab "Site" the section about TinyMCE
    is missing.
    - I cannot change the editor for a user to TinyMCE.
    (This is probably the same as the second problem-item)

    I checked all files in both sites and compared them.
    Apart from the obvious files (config.inc.php) no other files
    show any differences.
    I reloaded the database from aaa.com again and got the same

    Basically the question comes down to:
    - What in MDOX decides to show the "File Manager" and the
    "TinyMCE" in the Manager section.
    - What do these two functionality items need which must be missing
    in my site.

    Thanks for your help.


    Bert Catsburg

    PS: Please do not respons with "Upgrade first and then we talk" smiley

    • In the first place, this sounds like it would have been a good opportunity to upgrade wink

      In the Manager, in the Configuration in the File Manager tab and the Interface and Features tab, did you correct the paths listed there?

      Also check the individual user’s User tab; sometimes when moving a site the user’s settings get scrambled (possibly a different version of the database seeing values differently).
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        A little too late of a reply, but I notice this happens when you dump the SQL and files of the backup, overwrite newer MODX vanilla files to update, proceed with the install WITHOUT INSTALLING THE OLD VERSION OF THE SITE/MODX FIRST.
        • Actually you can do a new installation, then just copy in the old site's assets/images, assets/files, assets/templates and any custom snippets and plugins.

          You would probably need to change some of the included snippet properties in your templates and content; for example the properties for AjaxSearch have changed. I believe there are some changes for Ditto as well, although it's pretty good about backwards-compatibility.
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            This is happening to me after trying to fix the missing link list in TinyMCE. I changed the Global settings for TinyMCE and the admin user settings per the advice of a "permanent fix" and now I can create new users, I'm missing my user Photo tab, File Manager tab, etc.....ugh.

            Any advice to help salvage my nearly complete build?
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              I just met the problem upgrading to evo 1.0.15... just starting from a scratch evo files with the original DB... everything were fine except the "tab" problem on "configuration" where "File Manager" and "File Browser" were missing...

              I solved the problem by copy back the plugin fckeditor as it's not there on a fresh install...
              then get rid of it by deactivating it in the plugins list. Perhaps it would have been correct by deactivating it directly... I can't tell...