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  • Yeah, it is a terrible work , as you have to combine Magento and Modx.

    Besides hacking the core of both application , it is a good start to establish which application should be the master. I would nominate Magento as master , but there are a lot of issues that should be discussed. Anyway , please free to discuss about the matter as this is a snippet would be a major improvement for both applications.

    • Both systems have a clean and defined API, so its not that terrible.

      The main stumbling block for me was how to marry the two session managements together so they both work and don’t interfere or cancel out each other. I had issues with the order how objects are instantiated and registered and when sessions are registered and started.

      I believe MODx needs to provide hooks and an API to allow 3rd party sessions to be integrated into the session management (eg loading classes of session variables).
      • Quote from: bogdan at Feb 01, 2010, 01:11 PM

        Anyway , please free to discuss about the matter as this is a snippet would be a major improvement for both applications.

        Please note this thread is not a generic discussion thread about Magento and MOXx. It is about a specific snippet which integrates magento into MODx (and not the other way round) and its code and relating implementation problems.

        I recommend to start a new thread for all non-technical discussions and for other approaches about the magento/modx integration and leave this thread for technical contributions to this particular snippet.
        • Thanks a lot for great thread!!

          Quote from: hwmaier at Oct 05, 2009, 11:58 PM
          The question was raised in another thread if Magento can be integrated into MODx.

          I recently investigated this option for a project and wrote a prototype of a snippet called "magentoVirtual" which embeds a Magento front-end into a single MODx page. It is astonishingly simple and requires only a few lines of PHP code.

          The concept works in principal and I thought I share it here as it may be useful for other people.

          The only thing I could not get to work yet is combining the session management of Magento with MODx. The issue simply is that at the time MODx loads the sessions the Magento classes are not yet loaded and once Magento is instantiated the session objects are incomplete.

          As this snippet is only a prototype, I simply disabled the MODx session init by uncommenting startCMSSession in index.php. I am sure a proper solution will be found soon.

          Please note, this code is experimental and it's use requires knowledge of Magento and how it is configured.
          For basic installation instructions, refer to the snippet.