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  • Some places look like links and some just are but don’t.
    A cute little house icon with Home next to that isn’t a link.

    I just clicked on messages and got to a page that when cancelled sends me back to the messages page. Speaking of which the send and cancel buttons are at the bottom of the page while many other pages has those buttons at the top. Having them in both places would work or just keeping them in one area would work too.

    The icon with the house is only on the main information page, everything else has a title but no link out. I’d say this method is a dead-end page and causes panic for the first time user -- dam ... now how the F do I get back to the page with the snazzy icons? huh?

    I was wondering why the first row of the page isn’t being used beyond information for "My MODx Site - MODx2 TP3 (x2) -- admin " ?
    this is like really usable space especially on the left.

    eh? don’t like clutter you say ... I say I don’t like to scroll (I’m lazy)

    Also, the header titles in the left box don’t link to some kind of tabbed page. Now that would be cool.a break down page for each section in there own tab.

    ugh, why do I gotta cruise back to the almost top left to click on home. My trackpad is a pain to scroll that far -- 2/3 finger jerks to get there. I’m lazy ... can’t you tell wink

    oh oh, I just found another fun example.
    click on the audit trail in the left frame -- you get a page called huh view manager logs (blue bar) and query logging in the orange bar. The fun part is that the link for empty logs takes you back to the same page. I thought for a moment that it automatically emptied the logs and refreshed the page for me .... hmmmm ....
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