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  • What’s the difference between "View document data" and "page data" ? I’ve got 2 title headings and I’m not sure which to believe!

    IF you knock off the top gradient blue bar and just go with the orange bar we’d definitely save on space and the problems of having wordy pages to figure out.

    hehe, this one is a good one!
    "MODx did not find any logging data in the database. This means that logging is turned off, or your site has had no visitors yet."

    My grandfather after war dumped all property, companies, and belongings to escape from a destroyed East Germany to find freedom and better life in the states. So I must say thank you to paying tribute to those who lumberjacks (my grandfather’s first job in the states)!

    hmmm, IF my logging is turned off then why not provide a link to where it can be turned on? OR a link to the help section. which should really have a built in glossary and simple instruction set rather than offering best bet advice to visit the forums.

    Or better yet, just keep it short and simple (KISS) makes translations easier to do too!

    I guess I might as well bring up the issue from a translation viewpoint. When the sentence gets longer the more problematic it becomes to translate to non-English based languages, I bet. When I translate to Japanese I normally cut all sentences down to 1/4 of what they were part of differences between languages.

    Another benefit is that we can then recycle words to be used in more than one place if they were simple and short.

    Here’s an idea. How about help links that point to the main documents that are included with the base install. Be pretty nice to see simple page titles and a link that takes you to either a pop-up or the right anchor spot on the manual page.
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