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  • OK folks, I’ve getting my hands dirty since I’m planning to put up my company’s site with modx. Why go anywhere else grin

    I’m having a huge problem with the interface. It’s just not doing it for me. I thought that osc bothered me a bit and that phpadsnew is just horrendous (like me speeelling) when it comes to adding a stupid banner (took me an hour just to get the hang of it shocked and still have problem navigating to the banner after a day or two of not looking at the beast huh )

    OK, so if we’re going to go after bloggers and such we really need a look and feel that a mac user will say -- gee this is almost as easy as my mac laugh

    I really don’t want to put such good code down just on superficial impressions but I want to make waves, I want to play the devils advocate, and want to get Ryan rev’ed up a little more -- you know ruffle some hair a bit grin

    I’m on a 15" powerbook (wide screen type) but I’m still scrolling a bit too much ...

    so I wanna take a look at several areas (in different threads)

    Let’s try to keep the general topic covered here with more details in other threads wink lolo ... me trying to be organized and on topic hehe rolleyes

    PS ... I only trying to be helpful and hope that I don’t hurt any feelings. That is not my intention!!! IF I DO -- I’m going to apoligize ahead of time -- " I’m sorry! :’( "

    peace and happy coding!
      Tangent-Warrior smiley
    • good stuff Moyashi
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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      • ewww, that was really smilie’d ... sorry folks tongue
          Tangent-Warrior smiley