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  • Ok...took a look at some of the stuff going on in TP3. One thing I noticed is that there is actually two image/resource browsers in the /manager/media directory: Wei Zhuo’s ImageManager and the MCPUK Resource Browser. Now, the question is: Do you guys think it’s possible to implement these as plugins rather than dumping them in the /manager/media folder? If not, which editor should be the default? My guess would be MCPUK’s since the ImageManager really only handles images..although I like the ImageManager’s capabilities.

    But using them as plugins certainly has advantages. The tricky part, I’m guessing, would be to find a way to call the Resource Browser from an editor plugin (calling a plugin from within a plugin). This definitely a tough call since it’s likely that users will want Xinha and TinyMCE along with FCKeditor as editor plugins. But some users might want to use the ImageManager for images within their chosen editor rather than the Resource Browser and vice versa. Heck, they might want both! FCK can certainly be configured to let the ImageManager handle images and the Resource Browser for everything else. But, of course, in doing so the thumbnail settings for both would need to be the same.

    Perhaps the solution would be to offer not only an option for chosing an editor to use (along with the editor’s own settings) but perhaps an option for chosing an image manager and/or file manager to use. Then the editor plugin could be written in such a way so that it detects which manager is chosen and set it for that manager. Might be a bit of a bitch to setup...but I think the end results will be rewarding. laugh

    Just some food for thought, folks! wink

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    • Hi Jeff,

      We are not using all of the ImageManager files. we are only using the ImageEditor capabilities sine FCK’s MCPUK resource browser does not have image editing capabilities as yet.

      The Resource Browser can be used for more than just browsing for images. It will also be used in many areas of the manager. IMO users can add there own ImageBrowser/Selector to their RTE editor.

      As is now you can create your own Resource Browser and call it from within your RTE.

      Tip: To call/invoke a plugin from within another plugin use $modx->invokeEvent("OnEventName",$parameters).

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