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  • This is a continuation of a discussion started here:

    On thinking over current issues related to a proper permission API I was curious what everyone thought of perhaps integrating phpGACL?

    For those not familiar with it, this is the same system that Mambo uses for its ACL and is extremely, extremely cool.

    The way that it manages users and groups seems to mesh very nicely with our own system of user/groups/roles yet goes beyond.

    It offers fine grained control with inheritance and is extremely quick.

    Enough of the hard sell. You can learn more here: http://phpgacl.sourceforge.net/manual.pdf

    Looking for feedback pro/con. I don't mind adapting this to our needs or going from scratch, just wanted to open a dialogue and get more input.

    Thanks, guys! smiley
    • Ahh, that's the name of it. I couldn't remember the spelling when I posted a comment about this last night.

      I'm definitely behind this sort of idea. However, I found it a bit beyond my skill to actually deploy this an application on my own. hehe, I need to study more that's for sure.

      However, if we can get this down to MODx simplicity standards for the end user -- yahoo!

      Also, I was wondering if this type of lib would cause any performance issues.

      I realize that the control you can do with it is quite amazing. Also I do believe there was another similar system by the patTemplate folks .... I could be wrong.

      Mambo apparently was looking at both methods and probably chose phpGACL a few days/weeks before coming across the pat???? one. Don't quote me on this :wink:
        Tangent-Warrior smiley
      • I'm not familiar with the patTemplate one, but found some info here:

        Looks interesting and is much simpler than phpGACL. I'll have to do some more reading up on this one.

        Either way, I envision the user interaction from within the manager will be very similiar to what is already in place, except that we will be able to programatically add new controls from within the core code and/or snippets. (So no worries about end user complexity! smiley )