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  • i will hide wayfinder if webuser offline or view wayfinder in register page only

    i dont have idea....
    please helf me....
    • Personalize snippet, which is installed by default, will help you.
      • what do you main?
        i dont understand...

        you can halp me?
        • The Personalize snippet will check if a user is logged in or not and display one chunk if they are and a different chunk if they are not.

          Call the Personalize snippet from your template or page, wherever you want the Wayfinder menu to appear:
          [[Personalize? &yesChunk=`loggedIn` &noChunk=`notLoggedIn`]]

          If the user is logged in, the "loggedIn" chunk will be displayed. If not the "notLoggedIn" chunk will be displayed. You can call these chunks anything you like.

          Now create the two chunks. "loggedIn" should contain your Wayfinder call:
          [!Wayfinder? &startId=`0`!]

          Note: if you call Personalize cached [[Personalize]], you should call Wayfinder uncached [!Wayfinder!] or vice versa.

          The "notLoggedIn" chunk should contain whatever you want the user to see in place of the menu. If you don’t want to display anything, you can leave the chunk blank.