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    One website that I am about to be pulling together in coming few weeks is for a non-profit charities partnership, is needing a back end database for the partnership to manage the contact made from the website (simply now, but potentially to manage memberships, information and so on in the future).

    I really like the idea of using CiviCRM, (and looking loosely at VTiger). Civi has easy integration set up already with Joomla and Drupal and although does provide very basic instructions on how to do it manually...looking through the modx forums there has been some discussion about CRM integration, and I do understand that Modx at somepoint soon will be expanding and growing beyond belief.

    Just wondering has anyone already done it with Modx, if so - was it comparitvely easy? There’s only one post which wasn’t really answered on the CiviCRM website forums about MODx.

    I would prefer not to go back to using Drupal for this forthcoming project although for ease on integration and database mangement by the end website users, may have to contemplate it. (also, once this site is done, other similar non-profits are already looking for me to do the same with them.) I want to promote Modx as a great CMF and not resort to reverting back to Drupal.

    *** So if anyone has had any success already - can they let me know?

    *** Are there other easy solutions available that others have used that have been successful? Or even a similar custom built tool that has worked very well, and can grow when necessary.
    Its the back end database administration and querying and management side that I really need to get right for the end users, PHPmyadmin isn’t at all right for their level of IT!

    In short, it’s only one on-line form to collect information at the moment, to record, and also to email/share data onto the individual partners but needs the back end CRM side for central contact management (and querying), email newsletters, mailmerge etc etc, by being an application which can develop the CRM facilities as time progresses and the partnership grows. (and has to be easy to use and manage for the end users!!!). I know that there are snippets that do the basics, but what I am talking about is something abit more.

    Also, am happy to have a go myself, (and am already contracted for doing the main design and information management and transfer from their existing site) but more interestingly to others...(which may help develop Modx further...)

    I have been given a (wee, we’re talking about a partnership of charities here) small budget for the whole database setup and intregration of forms to crm, onto the site I am about to design, if any MODX-type people are interested in taking this part on rather than just giving me advice.

    (which potentially possibly can be then used as a model to help others which may be looking at this issue, thought this could be a great way to drive Modx further!)

    (okay... its not alot of money - I have up to £500 all inclusive available for the set up and database integration, seperately to the web design side! ). If anyone is interested in this, it has to work, and preferably use a CRM that is easily used especially by non-profits/charities.
    (like Civi). Timelines : mid-April I am hoping the new site will be coming up to being live. If interested please contact me directly. Ta!
    • That’s very interesting and would indeed be a great component to have for MODx. I wish you the best of luck!
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        I’ve also posted a query about this on the CiviCRM listings as in last years query about Modx, they said they would be thrilled for something to go forward. Just finding out if anyone did/had done so. So if any useful feedback will put here or people can contact me for further details. Apparently is possible, but I think abit above my head!

        I know alot of people/non-profits opt for ’drearyDrupal’ for the nice auto-integration with Civi and such like, but I personally really like and want to champion Modx (accessibility, flexibility of design and so so much more! Fab for me the designer too being able to create peoples inspiration and ideas into something nice and original for them how they want, not being constricted by the CMS that will be running it!), and don’t want to go back to my constriction of those dark Drupal days!
        • I’m looking into this, but it’s very slow going since my eyes are giving me grief and I can only spend a little time each day on the computer. I hope to have something by the end of the week, but no guarantees!

          They actually seem to have a very nice API; I just need to find out how to access it, then snippets/module should be pretty easy.

          I’ve sent them email inquiring about doing a port; their mailinglist URL seems dead. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon.
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            cheers for looking into this Susan - no real hurry at this stage, I’m a few weeks away from the final site stage, but just investigating.
            I’ll post anything that comes back from Civi too about this. Possible out there there are other CRMs tht other Modx-ers use too, so nice to know.
            Now, go rest those eyes!

            Update: just had some nice feedback from the Civi side, they are willing to help if needed to make it happen too! Yes - their mailing list isn’t the best at all. Will get you linked up with the right people if I can!

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              Hey good folks from ModX. We definitely would love to get another CMS integrated and hopefully learn a few more cool and nifty tricks smiley

              We are about to release v1.7 in the next few weeks. The community is testing it, an alpha version is out etc. Would be an awesome contrib for us to have ModX integration by v1.8. We also have a 3 month release cycle, so v1.8 should be out sometime in June smiley

              You can get the source code from here: (and do a semi-install)


              The core files to look at are files named Drupal.php or Joomla.php (we’ll also have a top level directory to deal with the ModX "style" of doing things)

              basically 3 files need to be tailored for ModX and the integration top level directory


              Our mailing list is quite active, so i suspect susan followed a dead link somewhere. If u let me know where, i can fix it

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                did anything happen with this? i would give anything to make civicrm compatible with modx...
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                  I was just looking at CiviCRM today and wondering the same thing. Was there any progress made with integration?

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                    According to the post above, only three files need to be modified to get this working in modx? I am no good with the MODx API, but the files seem pretty concise. Are there any other examples of people converting drupal modules to modx? I know there are plenty of people that would be willing to contribute to making this happen, and I think it would be an impressive addition to the modx framework and the open source community in general.
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                      CiviCRM has gotten even better since the last time I looked at it about a year ago. I may end up using it for a project that we’re beginning in February, and if so I’ll definitely want to integrate it into MODx. It seems as if it’s just a matter of bridging the two systems, which can’t be all that hard if it’s already been done for Drupal and Joomla.
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