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    I am using MAMP and have a MODX site that I am developing locally to test out certain features etc.

    I keep getting "A possible CSRF attempt was detected. No referer was provided by the server."

    I can fix this by going into the database table and changing the "Validate_referer" Back to 0 and it fixes it, however this issue keeps occurring everytime I log into the manager and try to make changes to the pages.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks for the help.
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        yep, that was exactly it!!! THANKS! smiley:):)
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          Thanks for the URL - perfect solution.
            cal wilson
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            Hi there , i tried to look the config: firefox up and can’t find it.

            I installed Modx over here : http://www.beautyonroute.nl and experience the CSRF warning in "Safari" , "Firefox" and "Google Chrome" .
            I use Snow Leopard on my Macbook maybey that tells something?

            On my server i’ve set all the maps on 777 , this isn’t helping.
            I’ve replaced the install map and files several times but when i try to install and the last step of the line is throwing away all the files in the install map the CSRF caution keeps getting back to me.
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              With a little help i found the about:config, searched for "referer" and value and the value is already 2 .

              I made a couple more screenshots.
              The website is very very slow and misses all kinds of lay-out components.
              Sometimes there’s 80:80 behind the website adres with a notification that the page didn’t load , please try again.

              Is there somebody who can tell me what’s wrong?

              I doubted myself so i uploaded Modx to another database of mine : http://www.senorpeche.com/modx/index.php
              Same problems here..