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  • Hola OpenGeek,

    I’m not sure what detailed information will help with this one, so I’ll just start to explain..

    I have been tweaking an app that uses xPDO on 4 tables. Yesterday I upgraded the app to r.143 and regenerated the om files, everything was great on my dev server and on another test server (both Linux) but when I upgraded the files on the production box (Windows), I started getting "Error preparing statement.." thrown (line 254 of xpdoobject.class.php) when attempting to load an object for the purpose of authenticating a user on login. Downgrading to r.141 on the Windows server made everything work again.

    I enacted my "15 minute rule" - if after 15 minutes I’m not close to tracking the problem down, I come here ;-)

    What would be helpful, details about the server? (I can send a link to phpinfo privately) The xml? Particular pieces of code?

      Mike Schell
      Lead Developer, MODX Cloud
      Email: [email protected]
      GitHub: https://github.com/netProphET/
      Twitter: @mkschell
    • Just set the logging level lower and you should be able to tell what the error is from the query details. Nothing much changed between 141 and 143 other than your fix for enum’s in the generator.