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    I trying to discover xPDO with this tutorial but I find some problems :
    I’m testing with MODx 0.9.6 RC2 on WAMP with PDO and PDO_MYSQL activated
    xPDO : from xpdo-1.0-alpha-16.zip

    In the snippet "Test PDO"
    1) Line 27 : newQuery does not exist and return error : "Call to undefined method xPDO::newQuery()"
    If I use query() method : $criteria= $xpdo->query(’modResource’, $id); no more error for this line BUT now I have an error for the next line

    2) Line 28 : return error : "Call to a member function limit() on a non-object" ... what I’m doing wrong huh

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      I find out that my xPDO version, downloaded on xpdo.org, is not the last one with xPDOQuery ... I will get the good one on the SVN
      • laurentc:

        I split this off the main topic as this centers around the question of which version of xPDO someone should try at this point.

        First, please realize that xPDO is being actively developed and is about to enter public beta state, and the trunk is not completely stable. I will be posting an xPDO 1.0 beta package on the downloads section as soon as I feel it is stable (likely in the next two weeks). In the meantime, I do not mean to discourage working with the latest; in fact, if you haven’t started with xPDO yet, I encourage you to try the latest from SVN and help track down any bugs... wink

        Now, xPDOQuery was introduced in revision 27. If you want to try out the most stable xPDO revision with xPDOQuery, but do not want to mess with the changes occurring for 1.0 beta (see below), you’ll want to checkout revision 35 of the trunk. Revisions after that start introducing some changes that will require you to follow the migration guide from alpha to beta, if you have already developed a model with xPDO prior to revision 36.

        With that in mind, the API documentation located at http://xpdo.org/api/ reflects the current trunk in preparation for beta release, and quite a few changes have been introduced in the most recent commits. For those who previously started using xPDO alpha, and want to upgrade your models to test the new beta version, please refer to the new xPDO 1.0 alpha to 1.0 beta migration guide.

        BTW, for a clearer understanding of what’s happening in SVN, you can follow the change log via Fisheye at http://xpdo.org:8080/changelog/xpdo/
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          Jason thanks for this explanation !
          ust start to discover xPDO so I will use the last revision.