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    I’m using xPDO for a new project I’m working on. I’d like to know how I can issue SQL ORDER statements ? Does xPDOCriteria support this or do I have to create an SQL statement ? Could you give me some simple examples of both of these ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • If you have the latest xPDO from SVN, the new xPDOQuery class provides the sortBy() function for building queries with an ORDER BY clause via the API. Here is an example:

      $query= $xpdo->newQuery('MyClass');
      $query->sortBy('sort_field', 'ASC');
      $myObject= $xpdo->getObject('MyClass', $query);

      You can of course just write your SQL directly via xPDOCriteria:

      $criteria= new xPDOCriteria($xpdo, "SELECT * FROM {$xpdo->getTableName('MyClass')} ORDER BY sort_field ASC");
      $myObject= $xpdo->getObject('MyClass', $criteria);