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    i’m using makeform to build a form for a user to enter some data, and want to use the processForm() method to save it to the database. For some reason no data is being inserted into fields that have names with underscores in them.

    my post data is as follows, and i’m sure it’s not a vaildation problem since I’ve encountered this problem elsewhere:

    Array ( [PromoCodes__1_id] => 1 
    [PromoCodes__1_code] => pr01 
    [PromoCodes__1_promo_price] => 2 
    [PromoCodes__1_percent_off] => 10 
    [PromoCodes__1_price_off] => 
    [PromoCodes__1_expires] => 31/11/2007 
    [PromoCodes__1_num_times_used] => 0 
    [PromoCodes__1_num_times_left] => -1 
    [PromoCodes__1_did] => 0 
    [promocodes] => 1 
    [PromoCodes___did] => 0 
    [promoForm-save] => Save Item 
    [mode] => ) 1

    is this a bug, or have i got to set a parameter somewhere? obviously it’s easy enough to work around, but it would be nice to be lazy and use processForm(). thanks.
    • Bug; though I thought I had changed it to use a - instead of _ to delimit the various parts of the form element names; what version of xPDO are you using?
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        ok. i’m using alpha 16