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  • Hi,

    I’m having some issues with installing and updating any packages.
    I’m using 2.0.8-pl on Linux server. I have other Revo sites running on this server without any problems. The only difference in this instance is the site is using a temporary url which is an ip.
    I have checked in MySQL the path in the workspace_ table and it seems to be ok and the ’core’ directory is writable.
    When i try to update a package i get the ’saving’ window and then ’package_download_err’ window.
    When i try to install a package (in this instance Wayfinder)i get blank screen all the way to the final window which displays:

    Could not install package with signature: wayfinder-2.3.0-rc2
    Target directory is either not a directory or writable: home/myWebsites/public_html/core/packages/

    Attempting to install package with signature: wayfinder-2.3.0-rc2
    Could not transfer package wayfinder-2.3.0-rc2.transport.zip to home/myWebsite/public_html/core/packages/.
    Package found...now preparing to install.

    When i try to download a package, in this instance the simpleSearch i get:
    Could not download package at: http://modx.com/extras/download/?id=4ddfa008f245545fbc000044

    Could anyone suggest what might be the problem?

    Thanks for any help

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    • Target directory is either not a directory or writable: home/myWebsites/public_html/core/packages/
      Set the package directory to writeable as well as the core directory.
        Use MODx, or the cat gets it!
      • Hi Steve

        Thanks for your reply.
        The core and packages directories are both set to 755.
        Packages were actually installed when the site was first set up but not now i’ve come back to it after a couple of months!

        Could there be anything else i could try?
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        • OK, if you already have some packages installed try force removing one, this should delete it from the disk, if this works your perms are OK so the prob is somewhere else, if not see what the errors say.
            Use MODx, or the cat gets it!
          • aha, that has pulled up the following which seems to point to a path issue...the package was removed successfully though.

            Target directory is either not a directory or writable: home/myWebsite/public_html/core/packages/
            Successfully grabbed package. Now attempting to remove transport zip...
            Could not transfer package formit-1.5.4-pl.transport.zip to home/myWebsite/public_html/core/packages/.
            Grabbing package to remove...
            Attempting to remove extracted transport directory...
            Successfully removed transport zip.
            Package successfully removed.
            Removed modTransportPackage instance with primary key formit-1.5.4-pl
            Successfully removed extracted transport directory.
            Could not load transport package.
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            • Hmm, well I suppose ’home/myWebsite/public_html/core/packages/’ should really be ’/home/myWebsite/public_html/core/packages/’ on a linux box, edit the workspaces table to reflect this and see what happens next.
                Use MODx, or the cat gets it!
              • I know this post is 7 years old. Burt when you cross this error please look at the workspaces table in you Mysql database.
                I changed the domainname and forget to change this setting. It will crash all package management...