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    Found this online while doing a search for other Etomite related sites and such:


    Don’t know if anyone has seen this yet. Kind of humorous. Check out that changelog! Whew! And the demo is unbelievable! Next Generation indeed! LOL!

    Ok...so I’m being a little mean...but it’s still a little funny when you compare it to MODx. laugh

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    • I don’t honestly think they’ve done anything in a long time with that. It’s been pretty much there since December.
        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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        um not to mention thier demo site leads to an integramod install of which I’m a core programmer. This is all to funny.

        The reason I’m backing away from integra is because there are to many script kiddies always wanting such and such feachure yadda yadda and since i’m not in charge all this garbage keeps getting added. Now they have a monster with high sql usage and it takes over 8 megs every time a page loads. And thats a basic page right after install with almost no content. Thats why I started looking at other things.
        • Wow!

          And to think... we’re focusing on making it more sveldt!
            Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
            Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at thrash.me
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            i think they merged with etomite again??


            * When will there be a new irc meeting?
            * How can I contribute?
            * What is to do fpr developper?
            * What doc has to be made?

            http://www.etomite.org ? for all etomite news

            So, etomite-ng is dead? The demo certainly is...
            • Hm. Their demo link dumped me out in my browser’s default homepage. Odd, to say the least. Over all, I’d have to say it’s a bit underwhelming. I think I’ll stay with MODx. Even if it is a bit bloated wink
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