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  • Hello !

    Sounds like a bug :

    I have a TV called ’color’ :
    - input type : checkbox
    - input type values : Blue||Red||Yellow
    - output type : Delimiter,
    - delimiter : ,

    If I do NOT check any value at all => all is OK
    If I check one or two or three values => all is OK
    If I change my choices (i.e, ’Blue,Yellow’ for ’Blue,Red’) => all is OK
    Now if I change my choice and want to UNCHECK all option (so ’reset’ the tv to his initial state which is no value) it doesn’t work at all !
    The last value saved still present, the corresponding line in the "site_tmplvar_contentvalues" is not removed, and seems no accept empty value in ’value’ column...

    May be I’ve missed something...

    Should I report this on JIRA ?
    • Quote from: anso at Aug 26, 2009, 09:24 AM

      Should I report this on JIRA ?
      Please report in JIRA and we’ll take a look ASAP...
      • Done !
        Reported in JIRA...