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  • I am trying to install Revolution Beta 3, downloaded today from the main MODx site as a Zip and uploaded via Filezilla. I have changed permissions universally to 777, I have increased memory in php.ini to 128Mb, but I’m still getting a blank page at setup/index.php?action=options, the third page, after selecting language then "This program will guide you..."

    Server is with 1and1, Plesk 9.9, CentOS5, PHP 5.1.6, MySQL 5.0.45-7. Browser is Firefox 3.5.

    Anyone have any further ideas?
      Learning a little more each day.
    • What’s your max_execution_time set to?
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      • PHP 5.1.6 is not recommended for Revolution. The PDO implementation on which Revolution depends is very flaky in that version and is known to cause problems. I highly recommend testing Revolution locally while in beta stages and finding a host that keeps up better with PHP upgrades.
        • We should have the installer warn about any version of PHP prior to 5.2.x I think for Revo just to save a lot of heartache.
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          • Thanks all. I have a root server which I have total control of, so I’ll run a PHP 5.2 upgrade and report back.
              Learning a little more each day.