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  • Hey guys,

    Nobody panic... Unlike the title made you suspect perhaps, I’m not experiencing any big issues.
    It’s more the question that’s on my mind all the time: "What’s going on?"

    What I want to know is: "Is there any way we can see what the developers are currently working on or what they’ve been working recently?"
    This could be very useful, when i.e. my employer wants to know whether or not he should expect certain things to come in the (near) future.
    • There is Fisheye...for up to the minute info on development (if only I could get that address; it’s in the developers sigs anyway).

      There’s also a road map on the MODx blog, I think...


      EDIT: Found it: Here for example, browsing MODx (there’s categories)

      • Ah thanks. That should be useful.
        That’ll allow me to keep everyone in the company up-to-date.

        Thanks for the help!
        • Welcome smiley

          • splittingred Reply #5, 10 years ago
            You can also follow us on Twitter (via @modxcms , also I am @splittingred , Jason is @drumshaman , Ryan is @rthrash), as we post messages there often regarding Revolution development.

            But alas, development is pretty solely based on community involvement - the more the community gets involved in committing / bug reporting / bug fixing / documenting, the faster the development will be. We are Open Source, after all. smiley
              shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com