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    Well, the title is self-explanatory. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

    edit: I see there is no official release yet, but how about the old MODx2?
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      Hello Chacho, Welcome to MODx Forums.

      Heres the old MODx2 download link,


      Thanks for you interest in MODx.

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        well, i've been there but i thought the (N) Downloads link was just a counter and i didn't click on it... shockedops: thanx anyway smiley
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          The link you talking about, actually is the link to download..

          Hope you already got that,


            Zaigham R - MODX Professional | Skype | Email | Twitter

            Digging the interwebs for #MODX gems and bringing it to you. modx.link
          • Yeah... that was a bit confusing. Revised now. laugh
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              Is there information about in what is in the downloads?
              I currently have a MODx2 RC2 install running (last version posted on Etomite forums). Should I update to this version?
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                Hi Mitch !

                Welcome to forums,

                I am sorry that I dont know exactly, but I quoted the Changelog.txt file from current package, take a quick compare to the changelog you have, ( just compare first few lines and I hope you will get answer)

                Hope it helps... smiley



                * update PageTrail snippet to support MODx2. Also added style and class property. See the properties tab
                * add new Transition property to Marquee Control
                * add new Transition property to Ticker Control
                * add getTemplateVars($idname=array(),$fields="*") and getTemplateVarOutput($idnames) api functions
                * Reduce Marquee Speed (1-20). Set Speed datatype to float. e.g. 1.5
                * fix bug with htmlarea TV not saving when content is changed during document edits
                * fix @ bindings for listbox and DropDown
                * updated tutorials. See new API Quick Reference
                * snippets tab in document edit only shows available snippet (in RC2)

                * fix getTemplateVar() bug. This function will accept either a TV id or name and returns a record
                * fix url aliasing so that it now shows sub-folders with prefix and suffix added only to the document's alias. used Daath aliasing solution. (This feature is optional. See settings)
                * add support for nested bindings
                * set ViewPort's Width and Height property to string
                * increase TV name length to 50 chars. I don't think you should use TV names greater than 50 chars. ALTER TABLE `{PREFIX}site_tmplvars` MODIFY COLUMN `name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL;
                * check for numeric aliases before IDs

                * add new words to language library
                * add datagrid display format
                * add floater display format to TV
                * add duplicate feature to snippets, chunks, templates and template variables
                * fix htmlsnippet action index 77 and 78 in resources.dynamic.action.php,8.php, save_htmlsnippets.php. actionlist.php listed action 78 as edit but 77 was actually used in coding
                * strip unsed [*variables*] from document
                * add property feature to snippets : &name=desc;data_type;default_value
                * enhance backup manager to support backup of large databases
                * fix parent-child assignment. Parent cannot become it's own child
                * add theme support to the manager - See Configuration -> Miscellaneous settings -> Manager Theme
                * fix PHP5 open_basedir bug in imagemanger/classes by using dirname(__FILE__)

                * add datasource bindings to TV
                * add display parameters to TV
                * add new image type to TV
                * add rad14701 db functions and new getDocuments limit param
                * Fix bug found in both web and manager user document access. A document is flagged as private whenever the document group that i belongs to is assigned or links to a user group. In other words if the document is assigned to a document group that is not yet linked to a user group then that document will be made public. Documents that are private to the manager users will not be private to web users if the document group is not assigned to a web user group and visa versa.
                * fix treeview contextmenu in mozilla

                * add "Import site from HTML" feature - see import_site.static.action.php
                * improve treeview parsing time by 30-40% - noticeable on large sites > 100 documents
                * add duplicate document feature - see "Duplicate" button in document_data.static.php
                * fix bug when deleting web user with same id as logged in manager user
                * modify tabpane.js to trigger external js functions when a tab is clicked
                * add tabs to document editor. Page Settings and Preview Tabs with save and refresh button
                * fix Page Title Ampersands bug - & ™ now works inside pagetitle
                * update set_error_handler to support PHP 5
                * modify WebLogin Template designs due to some problems with javascript's [] and the template engine. New template fields will be formatted as [.name.]
                * add Placeholder Variables to etomite API. usage: [+name+]
                * add getTemplateVar() function to etomite.class.inc.php
                * add Template Variables (TV) - formerly called DocVars
                * fix bug with webuser reset failed element in FireFox
                * repair broken permissions issue with file manager at line 157 - ryan
                * add a @ to line 3 of logout.processor.php to suppress "Session object destruction failed" error on the first session_destroy(). To reproduce this error login to the manager and click on the Site-> Launch Site menu. From the new window go to the manager. Go back to the previous window and then click logout. This would then generate a "Session object destruction failed"
                * add getSnippetId() function to etomite.class.inc.php
                * add Backup Manager - currently back ups selected db tables
                * fix bug in ImageEditor.php at line 422 when detecting Gif editing functions
                * enhance image selection inside HTMLArea's ImageManger (images.php file @ line 55)
                * modify Inbox welcome message to become more visible.
                * add db_admin, view_address, new_address, save_address, delet_address to user roles.
                * fix security access bug found inside etomite file browser
                * modify etomite getDocument() function to look for published and deleted documents. New function getDocument($id=0,$fields="*",$published=1, $deleted=0)
                * add Delete folder option to File Browser
                * add row-highting to file browser color
                * add addslashes to cache_sync.class.processor.php line 52 to fix a minor path bug found in the etomitecache.idx file
                * add unzip option to file manager to allow users to quickly unzip files and folders. The php_zip.dll file is required
                * add max upload size to system settings
                * add phpmailer.inc.php to includes/controls folder
                * add datasetpager.php to includes/controls folder
                * add New Folder link to Filemanager - supports recursive folder creation
                * add download file option to filemanager and fixed preview bug
                * Add user settings for backend users
                * modify mutate_settings.dynamic.php to use realpath when getting path information
                * use mapPath($this-getCachePath()) instead of dirname(__FILE__) in etomite class
                * add mapPath function to etomite api
                * add getManagerPath() to etomite api - this is useful if you need access to the manager folder from either the front-end or the backend.
                * add getCachePath() to etomite api - this is useful if you need access to the cache foldder from either the front-end or the backend. The etomite class also uses this file.
                * modify weblogin snippet
                * add login home page to web user settings
                * full support for Interactive Snippets - only admininstrator (RoleID 1) can interact with snippets at the moment
                * added fix for Manage Files - "To Top Level" Incorrect path
                * modified line 209:mutate_web_user.dynamic.action.php and line 233:mutate_user.dynamic.action.php to show select block checkbox if blockuntil date is set.
                * fix javascript bug in logging.static.action.php. Something to do with '<i>(not set)</i>' being rendered as >i>(not set)</i>'
                * added more sort options, Date created, Date Modified
                * added Jeroen's Treeview State saver
                * add paging to web users in user_management
                * added support for <div id="etomitecredits"> and <div id="poweredbyetomite"> div tags to format output from the addNotice() API function
                * fix bug with duplicate page listings due to two or more access groups
                * purge document_groups table when purging documents
                * adjust layout 2 left col to 250px in 1.php
                * add Unauthorized Page option to Site settings:Enter the ID of the document you want to send users to if they request a secured or unauthorized document. NOTE: make sure this ID you enter belongs to an existing document, and that it has been published and is publicly accessible!
                * add reset template options in site settings
                * add Turn Preview Window On/Off in Config. - from SniperX
                  Zaigham R - MODX Professional | Skype | Email | Twitter

                  Digging the interwebs for #MODX gems and bringing it to you. modx.link