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    My client required an area of their site that was essentially a members only area, where on paying a subscription subscribers would gain access to premium resource material.

    At the same time as integrating this, due to the complexity of the previous site’s navigation it was agreed that a re-design should incorporate a cleaner and simpler design.

    The membership module works by potential subcribers paying for their membership, the "shop" used is simple and efective, and utilises the client’s PayPal Business Account, once Payment is made the user is automatically directed back to a page on the site where they can register, on completion of the registration, they are then able to login to view the premium resource material.

    As for In-House reconcilliation and administration the system produces & notifys client by email of new users.

    By going into the backend Manager those with administration rights can view the Subscribers details and if needed change passwords etc

    This is done in Evo 1.5 and Webloginpe

    Screen grabs of each page can be seen here http://www.gavinbaylis.com/dementiamembership.html and actual site http://www.dementiacarematters.com/
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      Thanks for the writeup. A client I am working for has a similar requirement to this and found your post here. I’ve been reading through your description of the process - looks simple and effective, like you say.
      My question is regarding the Paypal return URL, linking to the registration page.
      Did you find a way to only show the registration form if they came from Paypal - maybe a snippet to check the referrer?

      That’s the only idea I’ve got to stop that URL being shared round.