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  • We’ve just launched a new gallery website for The National Trust in the UK.

    Trelissick Gallery http://www.trelissickgallery.co.uk presents shows from leading contemporary landscape artists, located within the tranquil Trelissick Gardens the Gallery offers a mixed programme of solo exhibitions throughout the year from established and newly emerging artists. Also, an active programme of practical and demonstration workshops.

    The website was previously launched using eZ Publish, following our migration to modx we have redeveloped the Trelissiak Gallery website using the DirectResize and Ditto plugins.

    We have found modx to be very flexible, helping us to streamline work-flow.
      Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
    • Nicely done grin
      • Nice work.

        Thanks for sharing.
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        • Nice site. Did you have any particular troubles going from EZ to MODx? They are similar in some ways.
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          • Thanks for the kind feedback. The migration between eZ Publish and modx was manual. I decided that the older eZ Publish site needed a full overhaul so scripted new XHTML and CSS with the help of Yahoo’s YUI framework. I also decided as the eZ Publish database was so bloated and the number of content items within the site was minimal to manually re-enter data.

            In comparing modx to eZ Publish I found modx to be more flexible, quicker to build and offered a light foot print (reducing the site from 120mb to just 22mb). As with all my modx sites I’ve been pleased with the rapid development times, the modx code structure seems to be much easier to use and enables me to undertake work which I would have previously required external help to undertake. modx enables me to turn my design ideas and concepts into working and functioning websites removing hours of technical briefs and feedback docs to external PHP or eZ Publish template developers.

            In short modx rocks smiley

            p.s. thanks Shane (dev_cw) for the feedback on the ditto template, I used the tplAlt chunk to get the gallery columns, works a treat smiley


              Martin Sanders - Design & Web Development
            • Hi @SandersDesign,

              I know this kind of an old thread but I would be interested in your knowledge of moving from EZ Publish to MODx. As you mentioned for this particular project you migrated contents manually, but I'm still curious...

              Do you have any knowledge on an automated solution or do you know somebody done that? Especially for MODx Revolution...

              I have absolutely no experience with EZP, so any help, guidance would be highly appreciated.