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  • So you’ve built your 1st or your 500th site in modx and want to share your experience and/or your project with the community. That’s great.

    Here are a couple of simple suggestions to make the posts easier to navigate and get people to read your story:

    • If your post is about a particular site why not use the site title as the post title.
    • If your post is about a number of sites maybe list them.
    • If it is about you as a freelancer or your personal company make your post title your business name and a teaser about the subject matter.

    Do not use a title like: "2 more sites in modx", "My first modx site", "Our company uses modx."

    Do use a title like: "example.com was easy to build on modx", "foo.net just launched", "Design Co. Switched all development to modx."
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