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    I have several small to medium clients who use MODx Evolution for which I need a MODx developer who can give support and further develop sites where necessary.
    Due to other commitments I no longer have enough time available to personally cater for their needs.

    Clients are in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Although I prefer a developer from the Melbourne area feel free to reply from anywhere in Australia.
    Terms are negotiable. Contact me via PM if you are interested.

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      Hi Jelle, I know this is a bit outdated, but I'm a MODX developer based in Melbourne. I run a web design business http://www.throwstone.com.au and all our sites are built in MODX. Most have been migrated from Evo to Revo already so we can provide support in both platforms and assist in migration if required.

      Our clients are mainly Melbourne based with half a dozen or so in Brisbane and overseas.

        Creative Director - Throwstone Web Design Melbourne