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  • Currently, I have client who’s Website I have been managing for a number of years. We are in discussions of redesigning the site, and I would like to do it using MODX Revolution if possible, but the client is interested in a client managed back end and I am trying to find out what something of this nature would cost, and how much time it might take for development in MODX (REV).

    The basics are as follows:

    The client operates a wedding company. As such they offer a number of packages each containing various options. The packages can be modified to some extent by adding, subtracting or swapping features. They collect a deposit based on the package selected and then the balance 30 days before the wedding.

    What they would like to do is have the clients signup, or register at the site, pick the package they are interested in, pay a deposit, and from then on, up to 30 days before the wedding, the client can modify or tweak their wedding package all they like. Then at the 30 day mark everything would lock down, and no more changes can be made by the client and the final total/ balance due would then be shown. At that point they would need to call in to make any modifications and the admin would be able to make these changes through the manager.

    Currently, credit card payments are not processed online. The payment information is submitted, and then processed manually from their office. This may be something to add in the future but not at the moment unless it is trivial to do so.

    Also, I think it would be helpful if notices could be sent to both the client and the company as the 30 day mark nears.

    Because of the nature of the business, there may also be additional features that they may want to add as well. Currently aside from photo galleries, they do have a `testimonial` script. I am not sure whether this would or should be integrated into the back end features as well.

    Please contact me with questions, specifications, bid information, etc.
    • Hello VDISP,

      Just in case you didn’t find it yet, you might want to check the "job" section on a the new MODX website : http://modx.com/services/jobs/
      If you subscribed to the MODX newsletters, i would suggest to check the latest issues.
      • Actually Help Wanted (http://modx.com/services/help-wanted/) would be the better location to place your request, or contact a MODX Solution partner. I don’t see any reason why MODX can’t meet you and your clients needs.
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        • Thanks for information, I have added a ’Help Wanted’ post with a link back to here.

          FYI: I encountered a couple of issues when trying to add the listing to the ’Help Wanted’ section:

          The 256 character limit seems to be off; I had to back characters off my post until I had 8 characters available before it would let me submit.

          Also, It would not let me add a listing with the ’I need a quote option’ selected. I was forced to select the ’Budget’ option.
          • Hi VDISP
            Do you still need anyone for this or is the job done?
            • I have found someone and started working with them on this project. At this point we are scheduled to start on this next week.

              I will post periodic updates here until we are completely finished.

              • Okay, hope it goes well.